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Poo Prints

We love being able to offer a pet friendly property, and dogs are some of our favorite pets! However, with great dogs we need responsible pet owners. The Poo Prints program helps ensure that all of our dog owners are being responsible and always pick up after their pet’s waste! This helps Uptown Village be an enjoyable place for everyone to live.


The Poo Prints program starts when a new tenant with a dog moves in or when a dog joins the family of one of our existing tenants. Tenants will be required to complete their Pet/Service Animal Lease Addendum prior to moving their pet in. The Lease/Addendum lays out the guidelines and agreements for participating in the Poo Prints program. We will schedule a time prior to the signing of your Lease Addendum for you to stop by the office with your furry friend so we can both meet the dog and take a swab of their mouth for the DNA sample that Poo Prints requires for identification purposes. This swab just looks like an extra-large Q-Tip. We are usually able to get the DNA sample that we need from just swirling the swab a couple of times in the bottom corners of the dog’s cheeks. We require a $60.00 Poo Prints registration fee at this time. We then send in the swabs of the dog’s cheek cell DNA to the Poo Prints facility who will retrieve the DNA from the swab and enters their information into the Poo Prints database. Poo Prints is able to get all of the identifiable DNA they need from a good cheek swab. In some instances though, if we cannot get a good swab sample, you may need to bring in a sample of your pet’s waste to the office.

As long as you are a responsible pet owner, which most tenants are, and always pick up your dog’s waste when going out for walks, then that is the last interaction you will ever have with us regarding Poo Prints. However, if we do find dog waste that was not picked up on the property, we will send in a sample of the waste to the Poo Prints facility, who will then be able to match up the DNA from the waste to the cheek cell DNA that is in their registry for our property. Poo Prints then notifies us of the name of the dog, and the Tenant will receive a lease violation as well as they will be responsible for paying a $200.00 Poo Prints Fine. If a Tenant receives two violations for not picking up after their dog, they may also face a 5-Day Eviction Notice. We take dog waste and the cleanliness of our community very seriously. It is important to us that all tenants be able to enjoy the luxury and conveniences of Uptown Village Apartments.

Image by Brooke Cagle
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